autoimmune disorders and MG (fwd)

Lois Kruger dolphin at MONMOUTH.COM
Tue Apr 7 14:32:55 EST 1998

I read with interest the question and subsequent response as to what
autoimmune disorders are associated with myasthenia gravis.  Thus far, I
have not seen any posts stating associated disorders, just detailed

In any case, one disorder, Graves Disease, carries increased risk of
myasthenia gravis.  Graves Disease is an autoimmune form of hypertyroid.
(Same disorder that both President and Mrs. Bush have.)  Incidently, even
when the hypertyroid is brought under control the underlying autoimmune
process is still present and can cause health problems years later.  

I have had Graves Disease for 30 years.  Eventually I had radioactive
iodine and 15 years later became hypthyroid.   During all these years I
have developed numerous medical and physical disabilities.  After going
from doctor to doctor for several yeras, I learned that the Graves Disease
can never be ruled out as the cause of my visual problems.  My current
neurologist has informed me that the underlying autoimmune disorder could
be causing most of my physical disabilities, spasticity/ataxia, etc.  A
neurogenticiests says I have a mitochondrial disorder and that thyroid
disease is very common in those.

In any case, there are many common disorders that can be associated with
myasthenia gravis, or at least increase the risk of MG.  And some of these
disorders, like Graves Disease, are not as innocent as the general
population seems to think.

I would be interested in knowing of other disorders that can be associated
with graves Disease (not primary hypothyroid) and if anyone else has had
similar experiences as to mine.  I also have adrenal insufficinecy, but no
family history of diabetes and no other known cases of Graves Disease in
my family.


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