Are Our Doctors Like This???

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Sun Apr 12 09:30:55 EST 1998

In a parallel World there is a race of people called the Entities, all of them
perfect in every respect. One day for some inexplicable reason one of them,
Tom, felt a little off colour, he decided to consult the wisest of all Entity.
The wise Entity thought over his problem for a while and said he would get
back to him. Meanwhile because his condition made him anxious ( as 
having a problem does in us) Tom mentioned his problem to another of
the wise Entities. "No problem I can fix that, try this", and he gave him 
a medicine to drink. Still not feeling right Tom mentioned his problem
to another of the wise Entities, who suggested that part of his body 
was removed, then he would feel better, this chasing advice went on 
for quite some time.

Tom started to feel very much worse, not only with the frustration of not
sorting out his problem, but also from the side effects of all the different
treatments. The wise Entities threw their arms in the air and turned 
their backs on him. 

Who else did he have to go to now except back
to the wisest of all the entities? Eventually he went back begging for
 his help. " Oh dear he said, I had forgotten about you, didn't you
 recover with the medicine that I left for you?"
 "No, I never had it said Tom, "Please give it to me now"
" There's no point now", said the wisest of Entities, I couldn't possibly
put right all the damage the other Entities have done"
"But I thought that you were in charge of them, surely they knew what
they were doing?", said Tom.
" I can teach them the facts I know, but it doesn't mean that they are
listening. There again they could have learnt all the facts, but I can
 not teach them to think, can I? I can give them a position of power,
but it doesn't mean they will use it wisely", said the wisest of all
Entities saddened. " , "Even if they are paid well", he added.
"But you have given them a certificate of wisdom, that's why I trusted
them" said Tom.
"All their certificate indicates is that they have sat a wisdom qualification
and passed, you could have done that had you chosen to. Actually now
you are probably a lot wiser than them now, because you have learnt 
something they don't know," said the wisest of the Entities.
"What's that?" said Tom.
"That the wisest of all the Entities realise that they don't know the answer
to very much at all, " said the wisest Entity, "But others think they do", and
he grinned. 
So Tom left with a certificate naming him the second wisest Entity in the
land, but feeling very poorly indeed. "Some consolation eh ! I am the 
foolish of all wise ones for trusting them in the first place :o( Tom
vowed to stop this happening to others, somehow..........????
Did he get an apology, no not really because.....well that's another

The moral in the story, be patient with your treatments, realise that
your doctor doesn't know everything ( even if he/she hasn't realised
it yet), contemplate how dangerous medicine has become in some
areas, and could become in the future. Finally if worst comes to
 worst you are on your OWN to deal with everything, a lot wiser than
 you were, but it's no consolation prize. 

Carol T

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