L.A. Pike-Nobile ez063669 at mailbox.ucdavis.edu
Mon Apr 13 15:47:48 EST 1998

I am getting extremely variable rates of viability from my B cell lines
when I thaw them after storage in liquid N2. I freeze them in 50% media/
30% FCS/20% DMSO. I freeze them gradually (I use on of those little
ethanol-jacked freezing things that claims to give 1oC/hour) and I thaw
very rapidly (37 water bath) and rinse them thoroughly. 

AND YET--I still get some vials with less than 1% viability while others
are fine. Some lines are better than others, but I see this problem even
within the same line, frozen at the same time. I'm worried about
completely losing some of my more fragile lines.

Are there any tricks I should know about?


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