MMR Vaccination

Graham Shepherd muhero at
Mon Apr 13 13:29:57 EST 1998

There's been suggestions of a link between MMR vaccines and subsequent
Crohn's/IBD and/or autism. There's a possible association between these
illnesses and the mumps component of the vaccine, I've heard. UK authorities
have not found evidence of any such links, and the official advice seems to
be that the vaccine is "safe".  Can't point you to anything authoritative.
My guess is that not enough work has yet been done on long-term follow-up,
and it's going to be impossible to answer one way or the other.


"Jay Mone'" wrote in message <3531BD10.5BF8 at>...
>What exactly is your concern here?  I am not faniliar with any
>problems associated with the MMR and patients with Crohn's disease.
>Jay Mone'

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