MMR Vaccination

L.A. Pike-Nobile ez063669 at
Mon Apr 13 15:28:36 EST 1998

There is one article out there (at least). It's Wakefield AJ, et al.
Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and pervasive
developmental disorder in children. Lancet, 1998 Feb 28, 351(9103):637-4.

Pretty slim preliminary data, based mainly upon parental recall of
IBD/autism beginning after mumps vaccine. But maybe...


> There's been suggestions of a link between MMR vaccines and subsequent
> Crohn's/IBD and/or autism. There's a possible association between these
> illnesses and the mumps component of the vaccine, I've heard. UK authorities
> have not found evidence of any such links, and the official advice seems to
> be that the vaccine is "safe".  Can't point you to anything authoritative.
> My guess is that not enough work has yet been done on long-term follow-up,
> and it's going to be impossible to answer one way or the other.
> GS

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