To All The Drugs Companies

mark mark.haynes at
Mon Apr 13 13:55:43 EST 1998

ATeasd5941 wrote:
> >>>>I just caught a few seconds on Radio-4 that suggested thalidomide can
> be licensed for use with named PWMS in the UK.<<<<
> If Thalidomide is re-marketed in Britain or any other country I think the
> storm is going to be more than any drug company can take. I am
> sure their shares will plummet. It may just be helpful to know why the
> drug caused the deformities, they will have egg all over their faces.
> It is also in the interest of other drugs companies to act on this to
> stop it happening. It is good PR for them to ' be the wise men '
> in the proceedings. There are some things in life that have to be
> put on a shelf and left there and Thalidomide is one of them.
> You are still making far too many mistakes to revive an old one, do a
> decent thing for once. Put little peoples well-being before your
> pockets, they have no voice just years of tears.

Ithink that thalidomide is being used as a TNF agonist or 
antagonist.  Is anyone else knowledable about this?  

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