To All The Drugs Companies

mark mark.haynes at
Thu Apr 16 11:23:35 EST 1998

George Heavner wrote:
> Thalidomide is indeed being evaluated as a TNF antagonist.  Although many
> people may not be aware of it, Thalidomide has been available in the US for
> years to treat leprosy.  I don't think anyone would recommend it's
> indiscriminate use as a sedative or to pregnant women where it's teratogenic
> effects can be catastrophic.  Most likely this chain of postings started when
> ATeasd5941 "caught a few seconds on Radio-4" and, without knowing the complete
> story, reacted.  While ATeasd5941 wants other drug companies to "be the wise
> men", I would suggest the axion, "Make sure brain is engaged before putting
> mouth in gear."
> George A. Heavner
> ..........................................................

> >
> > Ithink that thalidomide is being used as a TNF agonist or
> > antagonist.  Is anyone else knowledable about this?
> > markH

Now my second question is--I wonder if the effects of thalidomide on 
development are related to an effect in apoptosis? is that the tack of the 
recent studies?

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