several cancers reversed with immune-enhancement combined with detox.

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Fri Apr 17 01:19:24 EST 1998

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Click on "Preventative Medicine UP-DATE."
Click on "Sample readings".
Read from "Immune-Incompetence - - - " to "Multi-Factorial Approach to

If you need more details - - no charge, sponsored by non-profit
International Academy of Anti-Aging
Medicine - - send 9 x 12 s.a.s. envelope ($ 1.60 postage) to:
Academy - Dr. Kugler
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Data were presented at the American Academy of Anti-Aging medicine
Meetings, Dec. 1996 and also Dec. 1997.
Their tel. #: (773)-528-4333.

Hans J. Kugler, PhD, Editor, Preventative Medicine UP-DATE

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