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>Thalidomide is indeed being evaluated as a TNF antagonist.  Although many
>people may not be aware of it, Thalidomide has been available in the US for
>years to treat leprosy.  I don't think anyone would recommend it's
>indiscriminate use as a sedative or to pregnant women where it's
teratogenic effects can be catastrophic.  Most likely this chain of postings

Despite obvious precautions, there have been several cases of
thalidomide-induced embryopathy in patients treated for leprosy in South
America. Some additional and specific measures of caution before allowing
prescription of thalidomide seem advisable.

Castilla EE, et al. [See Related Articles] 
Thalidomide, a current teratogen in South America. 
Teratology. 1996 Dec; 54(6): 273-277. 
PMID: 9098920; UI: 97253479.
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