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Srikant Sharma (chiku) srikants.spam at
Thu Apr 16 06:54:02 EST 1998

Hi all,
        I am a computer research engineer and I know almost nothing
        about immunology and other medicine related stuff.

        But I have a curious problem I expect the bio-wizards out here
        will explain me in a layman's terms.

        Now to my problem. :

                Some time back I heard that the viruses and other stuff
                can be detected through some spectral absorption
                i.e. every virus/bacterium has a unique fingerprint like

                wavelength (of light) associated with it, which gets
                with a very high degree when the virus/bacterium is
                with that particular wavelength.

                I want to know whether this is true or not...
                If this is true then I want the exact technical terms
and other
                details like
                        a) what kind of absorption spectra are these ?
                        b) what all types of viruses/bacteria can be
detected using
                           this mechanism ?
                        c) where can I find more details ?
                           (if possible give me more web related
pointers rather than
                           medical journals)
                        d) can I get any pointers where the
                                wavelength <--> virus/bacteria
                                   correspondence info  is tabulated.

     Now .. What is My interest in this :

                If what I have heard is true then I intend to build a
                analyzer which will carry a small computer inside it
which will
                test the samples for presence of various suspected
viruses etc. and
                will print detailed reports. The computer (rather the
embedded system)
                will be used to control the wavelength of light incident
.. to check the
                degree of absorption and analyze and show the results.

        I request you NOT TO RIDICULE my ignorance in this subject but
to provide me with
        the  possible info.
        Please reply to srikants at

Thanks in Advance.
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