Organic Germamium as a possible cure for HIV patient.

George M. Carter gmc0 at
Sun Apr 19 13:10:41 EST 1998

vxd at dfsdf ("abi") wrote:

>There is a widely researched component commonly found in reishi " a form of
>mushroom" regarded as the "food from god". The component is called Organic

I was not aware that reishi (Ganoderma) contained appreciable amounts
of germanium. 
>Is it true that the scintific community is currently using this component
>in their research into a cure for HIV sufferer ?.

Both substances have been used to treat HIV.  Tiny, uncontrolled
studies of reishi suggest some moderate benefit--but that's about the
best one can say.  No larger, better controlled studies have been
conducted, as far as I know of Reishi.

Regarding germanium, a fellow named Asai in Japan has a
quasi-religious devotion to it.  It has been used as a cancer
treatment.  The data are mixed and weak.

The word "cure" I believe is wholly inappropriate.  At best, they may
be useful in some overall regimen but sadly, little rigorous clinical
study is being conducted to say if there is any benefit, harm or value
in using either of these substances.  

		George M. Carter

>Organic Germamium is also regarded as the "Vitamin O" as in ocsigent.
>Please enlighten me on the above.


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