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> Hi all,
> I've used Cricket Graph and Kaleidagraph on a Mac in my lab but am jumping
> over to Windoze. What do budding young immunologists (and others) use on a
> Win95 platform? Excel(97/98) doesn't cut the cake IMHO. Any comments
> appreciated.

We use SigmaPlot & SigmaStat from a firm called Jandel. Works on both Mac
and IBM-compatibles. They ship together as a suite, bundled with an
image-analysis program. I've used Cricket as well, and found the
Sigmasuite plotting program far superior. As it goes with programs
offering lots of options, it is also less intuitive. Sigma programs of the
latest version integrate into the Microsoft office suite, it seems, but I
haven't seen them yet.

Hope this helps.


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