immunohistochemistry question

Christelle Faveeuw c-faveeu at NS1.NIMR.MRC.AC.UK
Mon Apr 20 12:24:44 EST 1998

Hi everybody

I have stained lymph node sections from different animals with an 
antibody specific for endothelial cells. After thawing the slides out, 
they were fixed in cold acetone for 10min. Then, they were rehydrated 
with PBS and stained with the antibody. The problem was that all the 
sections came off (after the first contact with liquid). I have done 
this experiment for years and never had any problem!! I don't have any 
I have got one spare slide for each lymph node!! This is a very 
important experiment and I don't want the sections to come off the 
slides. Has anyone got an idea? Maybe I should use another fixativ!

Thanks a lot

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