To All The Drugs Companies

mark mark.haynes at
Tue Apr 21 14:34:30 EST 1998

T.D. Laing wrote:
> In article <1998041722283500.SAA04103 at>,
> ateasd5941 at (ATeasd5941) wrote:
> > Thalidomide may be anti-angiogenic; it's theorized to affect cellular
> > migration that occurs when endothelial cells form new vessels
> > (angiogenesis).  If vessels don't form, the dividing cells in the limb
> > buds can't obtain the necessary nutrients so they slow down/stop growth
> > and hence limbs are stunted. <<<<<

> The person who asked the original
> question, as to HOW thalidomide might work, wanted an answer,

ANd thanks btw,  if this is the mechanism I can see why there is renewed 
interest in the drug as angiogenesis inhibition is an avenue of investgation 
for anti-cancer since new blood vessels is one thing that tumors need

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