which cytokines as adjuvants?

mark mark.haynes at mail.tju.edu
Fri Apr 24 17:03:35 EST 1998

Thomas Schnibbe wrote:
> My questions: Which cytokines would you use? What is the state of the
> art in the confusing field of cytokine interaction/networking for this
> approach?
> Any references/citations for _this_ question? (I got all the _basic_
> cytokine papers I would guess....)
> My thoughts are to favor a Th2 response and to use IL-4 and GM-CSF. I
> also wonder whether IL-12 would fit to this set.

GM-csf would be good for its role in dendritic cells development + 
etc the others I dont know. IL-12 is Th1-related, but I wouldn't get to 
hung up on th1 vs th2.  ask how do you want to manipulate the system, 
what response do you desire and think from there

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