HELP - manual for immunowasher

Teit Max Moscote Soegaard teit at
Wed Apr 29 12:07:25 EST 1998

Dear netters. 
In my lab we have an apparatus called ImmunoWasher NK-300 
apparently of a brand called "Intermed". Rumours say that it is a Tech-Nunc product but 
when we call their technical problems department they deny all knowledge of this 
The purpose of it seems to be to wash 96 well maxisorb plates all in one go.. 
We cant make it work though without a manual. 
Does anyone out there have one? 
If you do you would help us greatly by faxing us a copy.. 
Our fax is 
+45 89 42 26 37 
If you dont have a manual but can give us a quick rundown of the essentials then please 
do so in this forum or by email 
My email address is: 
tmms at 
Again, any and all help will be greatly appreciated since we have a big project ahead of 
us involving thousands of reads and washings... 

Sincerely Yours 

Max Soegaard 

University of Aarhus 
Inst of structural and molecular biology. 
C.F. Moellers Alle, bldg. 130 
Aarhus Denmark 

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