IL-4 secretion

Viswanath Kurup vkurup at POST.ITS.MCW.EDU
Fri Aug 7 11:31:32 EST 1998

Dear Jose, as I know to get IL-4 production from PBMC you have to
stimulate them with a pair of anti CD28 Abs. You can find out the
information through Internet trying "IL-4 and CD28" If you have problems
ask again, I will find out the citation.   

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On 7 Aug 1998, Jose Santos Alvarez wrote:

> Date: 7 Aug 1998 07:56:25 -0700
> From: Jose Santos Alvarez <alvarez at>
> To: immuno at
> Subject: IL-4 secretion
> I need to stimulate PBMC to produce IL-4. I tried lectins (ConA, PHA)
> and soluble anti-CD3 and anti-alfa/betaTCR, but PBMC only make IFNgamma.
> Do you know any stimulus to produce IL-4? No matters IFNgamma
> production.
> Thank you, guys.
>                     Jose Santos (alvarez at

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