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Christopher Hatton (remove_this) "CDH8" at
Mon Aug 10 08:57:48 EST 1998

MEPH wrote:
> Hi there guys
> My name is Meph and I am looking for a good university that offers a
> good post-graduate course in microbiology, and specifically pathological
> virolgy. Would any of you guys no where I could go?
> I would appreciate your opinions.
> Yours

Hi Meph.

well from a UK-based point of view..I'd say off the top of my head, 
take your pick from Edinburgh (excellent if into Neuro-path. of
Prions/viruses), Leeds or Bristol Universities, you should also consider
Imperial College (University of London), however London is an expensive
place to live and the college is very close to the centre of London.

If you speak Afrikanns, then don't forget The Netherlands or Belgium
also worth considering.

Christopher Hatton
Immuno-toxicology PhD student

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