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Procedure list for anti-toxins.

   1. Start culture of Ecoli

   2. Do a complete blood analysis, and find all levels of all agents.

   3. Sterilize the Ecoli culture.

   4. Inject the animal that typically carries the bacteria in it's tract.

   5. Do a series of complete blood analysis every 6 to 12 hours.

   6. Look for the changes in anywhere in the blood chemistry.

   7. Start with step one on another carrier, and prove the results.

   8. Using human cell tissue cultures that span all basic cell groups for every
    organ, and cell structure, determine if there are any negative results, such as
    cell shrinkage, deterioration, cell death, or deformation.  If any of these result
    result in any of the human cell cultures, find another carrier.

    The same pattern of test procedure is used in predetermining re-agents, enzymes, and etc... except the carrier is a donor, and cultures would be from a sample, cell culture generated from the original creature, plant, insect, etc..or from a genetically engineered bacteria designed to produce samples that are likely candidates, or so, rarified that there is only one sample.

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