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To find a targeting anti-toxin.

    1.    Start a culture of the virus, or bacteria.

    2.    Separate the proteins that are unique to the culture, and not found in
            the human body.

    3.    Inject the proteins into a host, approaching a toxic level.

    4.    Do a complete blood analysis, and look for a decline in any given 
            series of blood chemicals.
    5.    Do a complete blood analysis for the next 14 days, every 6 to 12 hours.

    6.    Where the blood chemistry was depleted, during the first day, and
             recovered over the 14 day time period should be the anti-toxin for 
            that specific protein.

    7.     Develop a high tolerance to the protein in the animal by repeat injections
            over a period of months.  This is to develop the animals immunity to
            the specific protein.

    8.     Define the specific re-agent, or targeting enzyme that the animal
             developed to cope with the higher dosages of the unusual protein using
             spectral analysis.

    9.     Get a chemist, and genetic engineer.

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