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Below are the new files on the Project Inform website. 

(July 23, 1998) - New and Updated Files

     Tuberculosis Hotline Handout (reformatted)

(July 21, 1998) - New and Updated Files

     Management of Opportunistic Infections Chart (reformatted)
     Cryptococcal Meningitis Fact Sheet (reformatted)
     Travelling with HIV Hotline Handout (new in HTML format)
     Toxoplasmosis Hotline Handout (reformatted)

(July 15, 1998) - New and Updated Files

     DNCB Fact Sheet (reformatted)
     Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (reformatted)
     Ozone Hotline Handout (reformatted)
     Thymic Factors Hotline Handout (reformatted)

(August 17, 1998) - New and Updated Files

     August 1998 What's New Memo - PDF Format (Size 200K)
     PCP Prevention Fact Sheet (Updated, reformatted).

(August 14, 1998) - New and Updated Files

     PCP Treatment (new formatting)
     PML Quick Sheet (new quick sheet)

(August 9, 1998) - New and Updated Files

     Antiviral Strategies Discussion Paper (reformatted)
     Acupuncture Hotline Handout (reformatted)
     Efavirenz Quick Sheet (reformatted)
     How to Identify AIDS Fraud Discussion Paper (reformatted)

Please see for links to the new files.

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