To Anyone With an Unidentified Health problem

ATeasd5941 ateasd5941 at
Thu Aug 20 16:02:32 EST 1998

If you are having a health problem that you or your doctor
can not identify, do not despair. The body is a complex
thing and many diseases, although seemingly obvious
to one person, are not always to another. If you feel that
what is wrong is physical " do not" under any circumstances
take a diagnosis of depression. Consider using one of the
more highly trained hands on therapists, they WILL refer
you back to your GP if they find a physical ailment. Your
local library may hold a list of registered therapists.
A health problem is not an individual problem it often effects
whole families and beyond. Therefore it is appropriate to seek
help from many sources if need be, in fact it is sensible.

Please don't lose sight of yourself on your quest to discover
what's going on in your World, it will have a devastating effect
on your mental well-being otherwise. 

All the best to you
Carol T

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