Does freezing reduce the potential of T cell to respond?

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Thu Aug 27 01:49:57 EST 1998

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> They work fine but not as well as fresh.  We freeze them in 90% FCS 10%
> DMSO, in a -70 freezer in a freeaing box for sort of controlled rate
> freezing
> >Hello,
> >Could anyone out there help me decide if I could use a properly frozen
> >stock of PBMCs for development of TCL or TCC later?

My thoughts exactly. Frozen PBMC are perfect antigen presenting cells, so
its handy to keep a stock in liquid nitrogen. But for setting up, say, a
limiting dilution experiment, I'd never use 'old' material. Whenever
possible we try to motivate the donors to come back regularly or send in
fresh blood samples when needed.


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