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New York, NY (November 30, 1998) -- New AIDS therapies are giving new life to 
thousands.  But with the complexity of combination drug therapy, quality 
treatment information is more critical than ever.

For World AIDS Day ( December 1st ), non-profit Immunet launches its new 
AIDS-dot-ORG web address: ',' making it easier to stay informed.  
"The AIDS-dot-ORG name defines our mission," states Mark F. Johnson, president 
and founder of AIDS-dot-ORG / Immunet. "People worldwide will easily find 
critical HIV and AIDS information by simply typing '' in any Internet 
web browser."

"AIDS-dot-ORG is the logical starting point for finding AIDS treatment 
information on the web," says Gary Schaff, Director of Communications for 
Immunet.  "We invite other information providers and AIDS organizations to 
work with us, so that everyone can benefit from the easy to remember 
'' web address."

AIDS-dot-ORG includes the respected AIDS Treatment News archive, accredited 
Continuing Medical Education programs (CME), Direct AIDS Alternative 
Information Resources (DAAIR),  the Immunet AIDS BookStore with over 3,000 
titles, independent AIDS book reviews, medical conference listings and 
abstracts, a resource directory, hotline phone numbers, and links to quality 
information on other web sites.

Immunet has enjoyed immense popularity since launching the first on-line 
accredited Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs on AIDS Treatment in 
1996, and was the first to offer on-line CMEs in an interactive/audio-visual 
format.  In only 3 years, Immunet has received over 9 million hits from over 
140 countries.

Founded in 1993, Immunet is a non-profit organization dedicated to harnessing 
the power of the Internet in the battle against HIV/AIDS. As a non-profit, 
Immunet can assure that its AIDS-dot-ORG outlet provides unbiased information. 
 "The answer to AIDS lies in a thousand pieces," says Mark Johnson, "and if we 
can connect those pieces, we can find a cure for HIV and AIDS.  Nothing is 
more important in the fight against AIDS than building a community dedicated 
to the free and open exchange of information and alternatives."  Immunet has 
been driven by this philosophy since its inception.

AIDS-dot-ORG:  A World Wide AIDS Organization 

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Tony Brooks
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