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Couldn't help but smile.  I do know something of testosterone treatment
in AIDS (discussed it with someone at Columbia a couple of years ago),
but "U.S. testosterone shortage" lends itself to wild free

F. LeFever

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>--- New issue features:
>  * T-20 Results Published
>  * U.S. Testosterone Shortage: Call for Information
>  * Abacavir (Ziagen (tm)) Approval Recommended
>  * Induction/Maintenance Strategy Failed in U.S., French Trials
>  * Efavirenz (Sustiva (tm)) Available through Patient Assistance
>  * Amprenavir (Agenerase (tm)) Submitted for Approval
>  * National AIDS Treatment Advocates Forum, Dec 5-8, Philadelphia    
>  * Glasgow Conference Reports on Web
>  * Lipodystrophy, Anemia, Resistance, Other Articles ...
>  * New TB Guidelines for Persons with HIV
>  * Record AIDS Funding from Outgoing Congress
>  * Calif: Medicaid Expansion Needs Quick Attention after Election
>  * Youth Consent, Confidentiality for Counselors, San Francisco Dec 1
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