IgG purification

Pete immuno-affinity at rocketmail.com
Thu Dec 10 06:30:11 EST 1998

Have you considered PEG?

12% (w/v) PEG 6000 precipitates IgG's pretty well. Very little PEG
(relatively) is trapped in the pellet, so you can just resuspend in
whatever buffer you require for the next step. Its about the quickest
and cheapest method I can think of, especially for lots of samples.

I does of course depend on your specific requirements.


"Michael J. Richards" <richarmj at slu.edu> wrote:

>I am looking for the name of the manufacturer who makes a simple syringe
>filter device for the one-step purification of IgG from serum (i.e.
>serum goes in and IgG comes out). I thought that I had gotten them from
>Bio-Rad but alas no. I remember these from some years ago and they may
>have been more for use with ascites but I don't remember.
>I am trying to crunch alot of serum down to just IgG and I'd like to do
>it quickly and without all dialysis/concentration steps that some other
>methods use (i.e. DEAE Affi-gel).
>Any input about a vendor would be helpful.
>Michael J. Richards
>Research Biochemist

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