IgG purification

Michael J. Richards richarmj at slu.edu
Wed Dec 9 15:11:47 EST 1998

I am looking for the name of the manufacturer who makes a simple syringe
filter device for the one-step purification of IgG from serum (i.e.
serum goes in and IgG comes out). I thought that I had gotten them from
Bio-Rad but alas no. I remember these from some years ago and they may
have been more for use with ascites but I don't remember.
I am trying to crunch alot of serum down to just IgG and I'd like to do
it quickly and without all dialysis/concentration steps that some other
methods use (i.e. DEAE Affi-gel).
Any input about a vendor would be helpful.

Michael J. Richards
Research Biochemist

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