Question: TCR's and Ig's

Dom Spinella dspinella at
Mon Dec 14 17:00:36 EST 1998

> I would like that someonoe could tell me de differences and similarities
> between TCR's and Ig's in their structure and in their codifying genes and
> diversity mechanisms.
> Please answer me or e-mail at:
> mop96541 at
> Bem-hajam (=thank you!)

Sound's like a great undergraduate exam question to me. I think you need
to do your own homework.  You can start with a good review such as Mark
Davis's "T cell receptor gene diversity and selection" Annual Rev
Biochem 1990;59:475-96 or any good textbook of immunology. Look it up on
your own rather than taking the easy way out -- you'll be better off for
it. --Dom Spinella

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