Question: TCR's and Ig's

Fco.Javier Casas Ciria jcasas at
Thu Dec 17 16:15:57 EST 1998

+Something that calls me the attention in the expression of these two
structures is that the genes that codify TCR do not experience somatics
mutation neither ripeness of the affinity when they are stimulated as the
genes of the IgS

Francisco Javier Casas Ciria
Hospital de Puerto Real

Jorge Fernando <news at> escribió en artículo
<753u1o$toq$1 at>...
> I would like that someonoe could tell me de differences and similarities
> between TCR's and Ig's in their structure and in their codifying genes
> diversity mechanisms.
> Please answer me or e-mail at:
> mop96541 at
> Bem-hajam (=thank you!)

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