familial link in herpesviruses

SFTBLCHIK4 sftblchik4 at aol.com
Fri Dec 18 15:03:32 EST 1998

I'm an RN who has had a three year illness (diagnosed as "chronic fatigue
syndrome) by several Boston neurologists; however, I also experienced acute
senory neural hearing loss at the beginning of this illness.  Having had a
lifelong problem with a strange form of either recurrent herpes zoster or
herpes simplex on that side of my face, and having the prodrome to a herpes
outbreak just before my hearing loss (without the developement of lesions)
herpes was suspected as the cause.  During the first year of my illness, which
consisted of fatigue and severe malaise, in addition to chronic herpes
outbreaks, I developed neurological problems.

This spring, my teenage daughter developed mono, and proceded to follow a
similar pattern of illness to mine, including neurological problems, and
chronic herpes-like outbreaks.  Also, my sister began several years ago with
problems with herpes outbreaks, now is having difficulty with vertigo.  

MRI testing on myself and sister have revealed nothing.  Also had negative LP
and evoked potentials

An infectious disease doctor from Brown University has mentioned a genetic
defect in which the body does not handle any members of the herpesvirus family

Has anybody ever heard of this?   I'm finding info on Duncan's syndrome, but as
we are neither male, or Scottish, this doesn't seem likely.

Thank you.

Lisa (sftblchik4 at aol.com)

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