i need help!

Erin Crouch eacrouch at eagle.cc.ukans.edu
Sat Dec 19 07:44:52 EST 1998

A good start would be a degree in Microbiology, Cellular biology, or
some field such as this.  Begin by reading on your own.  Go to your
library and look for books on the immune system or immunology.  If you
become interested in research as a career you must plan on getting a
Master's degree or PhD.  My strongest suggestion is that you focus upon
school and do well.  Second if you get the chance to work in a
laboratory (even for free) do so.  It is a good experience.  I am
currently a 2nd year graduate student in Microbiology.  But my research
is in immunology.  The most important thing is read, read,read,etc.  And
be patient an education takes time and hardwork.  

Erin Crouch

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