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                 Healthcare Technologies, Ltd. Named as Subcontractor to

                 Develop Biochemical Test Kits for Diagnosis and
                 of Mental Disorders"

                 (BW)(HEALTHCARE-TECHNOLOGIES)(HCTLF) Healthcare
                 Technologies, Ltd. Named as Subcontractor to Develop
Biochemical Test
                 Kits for Diagnosis and Monitoring of Mental Disorders

                 Business Editors,ASHDOD, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan.
                 1998--Healthcare Technologies, Ltd. (NASDAQ: HCTLF),
                 today that its wholly- owned subsidiary, Savyon
Diagnostics Ltd. ("Savyon")
                 has signed a subcontracting agreement with Mindscape
Biosystem Ltd.
                 ("Mindscape") to develop test kits for the diagnosis
and monitoring of certain
                 types of mental disorders, to which Mindscape has
exclusive rights. The
                 unique Mindscape concept, invented by Dr. Zofia Avisar
from Israel's Ben
                 Gurion University of the Negev, is based on the
discovery that specific
                 proteins in blood leukocytes are indicative of certain
mental disorders.
                 Savyon has been retained to develop a test based on
Mindscape's methods
                 for measuring and evaluating these proteins.

                 Commenting on the news, Dr. Yeshayahu Yakir, President
of Savyon, said,
                 "According to research (as reported in the fourth
edition DSM IV, American
                 Psychiatric Association 1994), it is estimated that up
to 50 million Americans,
                 or 20 percent of the total population, suffer from
clearly diagnosable mental
                 disorders to a degree that interferes with their
employment, school
                 attendance, or daily life. To our knowledge, no
laboratory test exists to aid
                 psychiatrists in diagnosing mental disorders. Using
Mindscape's breakthrough
                 concept and methods, we hope to develop tests for the
diagnosis of certain
                 mental disorders, which will enable psychiatrists to
provide more effective

                 According to the agreement, Mindscape will pay Savyon a
total of
                 approximately $1.5 million in phases over a period of
approximately three
                 years, based on the completion of pre-determined
milestones. In addition,
                 Mindscape has undertaken to award Savyon a bonus upon
the completion of
                 certain milestones. Mindscape has also granted Savyon a
right to manufacture
                 the kits upon completion of their development.

                 Healthcare Technologies through its subsidiaries,
Savyon Diagnostics, Diatech
                 Diagnostics Inc., Gamidor Ltd. and Gamidor UK,
specializes in the
                 development, manufacture and marketing of medical
diagnostic testing kits
                 and systems for certain infectious diseases, sexually
transmitted diseases,
                 urinary tract infections, respiratory illnesses and a
range of tests for thyroid,
                 steroids and drugs of abuse. It also develops,
manufactures and markets
                 products used in clinical chemistry and pathology
laboratories. Healthcare's
                 products are marketed worldwide, and particularly in
Israel, Europe, Asia,
                 and the United States.

                 This press release contains certain forward-looking
statements within the
                 meaning of section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933
and Section 21E of the
                 Securities Exchange Act of 1934. With the exception of
historical information
                 contained herein, the matters discussed in this press
release involve risk and
                 uncertainties. Actual results could differ materially
from those expressed in
                 any forward looking statement made by or on behalf of
                 Technologies Ltd. Readers are referred to the documents
filed by the
                 company with the Securities Exchange Commission,
specifically the most
                 recent report on Form 20-F that identifies important
risks which could cause
                 actual results to differ from those contained in the
forward-looking statements.

                 This release is available on the KCSA Worldwide website
at www.kcsa.com
                 CONTACT: Healthcare Technologies Ltd., Ashdod Yacob
Ofer, President
                 (011) 972-8-8562920 or KCSA, New York Paul M.
Holm/Joseph A.
                 Mansi 212/682-6300 ext. 201/205

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