Asking Questions and finding answers.

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Tue Feb 3 17:57:20 EST 1998

No matter how committed you all are to an old system it is
 not immoral to raise questions and ask;
Why is this this way? 
Why is that like that? 
Wouldn't it be better like this?
 Has this ever been tried?
 Do you think you may be wrong?
Is there any way I could feel more in control of this situation?
Is there anyone else I could talk to?
and all the other questions which you may have on your mind
about your own personal care and of those around you.

Don't feel a fool to ask what is not obvious to you, the fools
are the ones who don't ask questions and lead the way
for others. The fool is also the one who thinks you haven't got
a question to ask, or treats your questions with contempt.

Good doctors, health clinics, hospitals, health foundations will
listen to you and mould  good ideas to make old systems

What is immoral is, complacency, and the abuse of 
complacency by some doctors. It is immoral; to refuse
change when it is for the benefit of others, to sit in 
the past, to not better the future, to not know what
care entails, to see a World through shallow eyes.

If you are a doctor out there you should follow what is
in your heart and be guided by what you were taught
With the open mind that teachers, even the greatest 
ones can be wrong. (In fact truly great teachers will
admit this). What should be in your heart at any given
moment is the client/patient you are with, who is individually
different than any other of your clients.

If you are a scientist out there, what IS, is never
absolutely right. There are always new things to
be discovered, and what is in your head is 
possible to achieve. Some of the simplest things
about life have yet to be discovered and are there
right under your nose.


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