antibody production-ascites vs culture

mark mark.haynes at mail.tju.edu
Thu Feb 5 14:24:01 EST 1998

tfc2 at Lehigh.EDU wrote:
> I'm interested in your thoughts and opinions on the pros and cons of using
> ascites vs cell culture for antibody production.  We have used hollow fiber AB
 > production in the past but there is a move in the company toward ascites. 
> am not comfortable with this change and hope to understand the reasons for this
> decision a little better, with your help.

> Thanks,
> Theresa

Theresa, HI  I don't know the exact yield comparisons between the two 
techniques, I presume that the ascites approach give higher yields.  The cost 
is certainly related to animal costs.  Are you questioning the technique's 
ability to produce ab or the 'means-to-an-end'?

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