antibody production-ascites vs culture

Andy Fell ahfell at netmatters.co.uk
Fri Feb 6 14:10:04 EST 1998

Ascites is a "quick and dirty" way to make a lot of antibody- if you are
none too concerned about animal welfare. I think we should always consider
alternatives to using animals where possible- and there is certainly no
necessity to use ascites. 
I have no experience with hollow fibre, but a simple approach is to grow
hybridomas to large volume in roller bottles or similar, then purify the
antibody over a protein A column or similar. 

Ascites are very impure: There are plenty of horror stories of "ascites
artifacts" around. You would have to purify them before use anyway, so why
not spare the animals and grow them in plastic bottles?

Andy Fell

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> > I'm interested in your thoughts and opinions on the pros and cons of
> > using ascites vs cell culture for antibody production.  We have used
> > hollow fiber AB production in the past but there is a move in the
> > toward ascites.  I am not comfortable with this change and hope to
> > understand the reasons for this decision a little better, with your
> > 

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