Chlamydia trachomatis IgG ELISA's

Burki Burki at amm.unibe.ch
Fri Feb 6 10:19:21 EST 1998

J.M. Ossewaarde wrote:
> Savyon and Labsystems both provide a synthetic peptide C trachomatis ELISA.
> We have chosen the Labsystems synthetic peptide ELISA. Labsystems also
> provides a full range of MIF slides. We have not observed cross reactions
> between the peptide ELISA and C pneumoniae using high titered C pneumoniae
> sera.
> Sincerely,

AFIK, Labsystems' MIF is designed for detection of C. pneumoniae only.
C. trachomatis and C. psittaci only serve as controls for

Didi Burki, MD, Med.Mikrob., University of Berne/Switzerland
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