antibody production-ascites vs culture

mark mark.haynes at mail.tju.edu
Fri Feb 6 15:41:57 EST 1998

Theresa wrote,
>             I'm finding it difficult to accept that the ascites benefit can
>             justify the move away from non-animal production of AB because I
>             question the use of animals for production purposes when there is
>             a viable non-animal alternative.
>             Cell culture served our company well many years
>             prior to this change.  Can the cost savings be so staggering that
>             it's "worth" using this method? 

I too, would be reticent to move to an animal-based system if a cell-based 
system has been working for so long.  I've harvested ascites <'nuf said> 
and as another post alluded, it isn't clean, it needs to be processed to 
isolate the Ig.  I welcome your concern

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