UPDATE: Bioinformation Search Center 4.0

Mousheng Xu mxu at eecs.ukans.edu
Sat Feb 7 17:53:35 EST 1998

Dear Scientists:
        The Bioinformation Search Center (BSC) 4.0
(http://www.ittc.ukans.edu/~mxu/cgi-bin/thesis/bi.cgi) is now available
to the public!
        Major new features of Version 4.0:
 	1. Short words are allowed for search. For example, in the previous
versions of BSC, the "IX" of "human factor IX" was not used in search,
but in BSC 4.0, it is used.
	2. Keywords are highlighted in the results.

	Major known problem:
	Common words are not used for search in BSC. For the above example,
both "human" and "factor" are so common that they are not used for
search. In this case, it is bad. But a lot of common words such as
"the", "a", "an" are surely bad in search of biological information.
This problem can easily be solved, technically. But it takes
programmer's time and the university's computer disk space.
        Please give this baby a try!
        Any comments are highly appreciated!
        Please see below for the brief introduction to BSC.
        Thanks a lot.

Mousheng Xu

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