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>I have some urgent need for addresses (www, email and so on) for groups
>dealing with DNA vaccines.


In response to this request I wanted to point out to the Group that I run a
WWW site called The DNA Vaccine Web at <http://www.genweb.com/Dnavax/>. The
Web site contains a variety of information on different DNA vaccine related
topics, and a large data base of lteresture references for DNA vaccines and
asociated topics.

There is also an E-mail list for direct communication of literature
updates, vaccine meeting announcements, job offers, as well as company and
patent news. The E-mail list is useful for people who do have easy access
to the Web. You can sign up for this mailing list by replying to my E-mail
address <whalen at pasteur.fr> or through the Web site.

I also offer frequently updated EndNote reference libraries. Experimental
protocols and some control DNA vaccine plasmids are also available. See the
Home Page above for more details on the resources avalable.

I hope that this will be of interest to the Bionet Immunology Newsgroup.

Best regards,

Robert Whalen

 Visit The DNA Vaccine Web at http://www.genweb.com/Dnavax/dnavax.html
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