antibody production-ascites vs culture

Bjorn P. eped at online.no
Sun Feb 8 08:48:21 EST 1998

Hello Theresa,

We have been using the TECNOMOUSE instrument from INTEGRA to produce mAbs
in-vitro. Normally we get conc. of 1-5 mg/ml in the harvested supernatant.
Try our this link:

The company has now brought out their new CELLine bottles, and we are
testing  the CL1000 at the moment. Cells are growing well and we are about
to start harvesting supernatant. The bottle should be useful for amounts up
to 100 mg of mAbs. Try this link:

Our experience tells us that the in-vitro produced mAbs are purer and works
better than those produced in ascites. 

The cost issue is of course very dependent on the cost of mice. The use of
the in-vitro method from INTEGRA save a lot of serum, so your main cost is
the price of the cassette or bottle and the media.

If you need a good supplier of mAbs for immunphenotyping on flow cytometry,
you should check out this site:


tfc2 at Lehigh.EDU skrev i artikkelen <6bac96$22d4 at ns2-1.CC.Lehigh.EDU>...
> Hello,
> I'm interested in your thoughts and opinions on the pros and cons of
> ascites vs cell culture for antibody production.  We have used hollow
fiber AB
> production in the past but there is a move in the company toward ascites.
> am not comfortable with this change and hope to understand the reasons
for this
> decision a little better, with your help.
> Our AB requirements vary for the 15 or so lines from about 10-50 mg/year
per AB.
> The use of cell culture seems the obvious choice to me but have been told
> that it's less expensive to produce ABs using ascites.  Is this strictly
> Any thoughts or comments are very welcome!
> Thanks,
> Theresa

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