Sun Feb 8 04:02:04 EST 1998

Dear Dr. Zhixiang Wang,

I am interested in your job and willing to work in your lab.Below are my CV
and career plans.I look forward to your reply.


Yonglei Shang


Personal Data
Name:  Shang Yonglei                                               Gender:  Male
Date&Place of Birth:        05/01/1971, Zhucheng, Shandong Province, P.R.China
Adress:                 P.O.Box 67#, You An Men 10, Beijing,100054, P.R..China
Health:  Excellent                                      Nationality: Chinese
Tel:  (8610)63051479                           Email:  chenln at public.bta.net.cn

Sept.1995-         Graduate School of Capital University of Medical Sciences,
                  Majoring in Cell biology(Master degree expected in Oct.1998) 
Sept.1990-July 1995  Department of Mental Medicine, Jining Medical College ,
Bachelor of Medicine, July, 1995

Research and teaching experience
Sept. 1996-  Woring in the Capital University of Medical Sciences for Master
degree of Medical
           sciences, incluing:
1. Preparation of DNA from bacteria and cultured cells,Southern blotting
2. Isolation total RNA from cells,Northern blotting hybridization;
3. Recombinant DNA technique;
4.Cell culture technique,transient and stable expression of genes in
mammalian cells;
5. Retrovirus infection of cells in vitro.

1. Jining Medical College Scholarship 1990-1995,third,second,and first prize.
2. Graduate School of Capital University of Medical Sciences scholarship
1996,second prize

Qualification Exam:
GRE ( General ): Verbal, 610, 85%  Quantitive, 750, 90%  Analytical, 620,
68%.Oct. 1996
TOEFL: 52/62/63  total 597,  TWE 5.0  Aug. 1997

Social Works
1. Working 3 years for student association as a Chairman of our department
in undergrduate school:
2. As a teaching assistant of Cell&Molecular Biology in Cancer:
3. Woring part-timely in HOB Biotechnique Company as an translator;
4. Working as a volunteer in the 1st international Meeting on Malignant
Tumor in Children.

Reading and Sports


By Yonglei Shang

When I was an intern in the hospital, I decided to devote myself to
biomedicine research. First, being a scientist is always my dream since I
was a boy, second, to relieve patients* suffering, it is important to
recognize the nature of diseases in cell and molecular level.

After my undergrduate education in medicine I took part in the Graduate
Entrance Examination and was admitted by Capital University of Medical
Sciences, majoring in Cell biology. 

 During preparation of my thesis, I have mastered many techniques including
extraction of plasmid DNA, subcloning DNA, cell culture, retrovirus packing
and infection mammalian cell, Southern and Northern blotting hybridization.
I have read many articles and realized that the signal transduction is
essential for cell response. Ligand binding to cellular receptors initiates
a series of signal transducing cascades, which regulate some specific genes
expression and then make cells response to internal or external stimuli. If
these pathways go aberrant, some cells may become malignant. I am deeply
interested in how cell*s growth and differentiation are controlled by signal
cascades and how gene expression is influenced by signal pathways. Insight
into these phenomena may reveal some mechanisms of carcinoma.

   I deeply understand how important the biomedical research is for myself
and our society, I love this project. Combining my experiences in medicine
and bioscience, I hope one day due to my achievements, the patients* agony
can be relieved. I believe that I have much more of an awareness of the
basic research than the average students. I look forward to having an
opportunity for my advanced study in your school. I confirm that the Ph.D.
Program training will do good to me and to my country.


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