Seum IgM stability

ptaylor at medicina.ivic.ve ptaylor at medicina.ivic.ve
Tue Feb 10 11:08:46 EST 1998

I'm trying to solve the problem of IgM instability in serum
 samples. We bring in serum samples from the field often
 without ice, never mind frozen, and I'm worried about loss of
specific IgM activity when the samples are put into an ELISA.
I understand that IgM is also lost on prolonged storage at 4oC.
Is the problem principally aggregation? In that case does
 diluting the serum help?
Is the problem proteases? Then add anti-proteases?
J chain instability?
Basically, what is ingredient X that I can add to serum samples
 to preserve IgM?


Peter Taylor
Centro de Medicina Experimental
Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Cientificas

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