Congenital Rubella

Dr. Gareth Morgan gmorgan at HSC.KUNIV.EDU.KW
Thu Feb 12 05:56:30 EST 1998

Dr Robertson,
I have not seen such a case as you describe, but have been interested in
the old assertion that congenital rubella may cause hypogammaglobulinaemia.
I was sceptical about this since it is not obviously a major cause of
immunodeficeincy. Also, some years ago I saw a handicapped 15 yr old boy
who was one of the original cases described as having low IgA low IgG and
raised IgM secondary to congenital rubella. On re-investigation he had
normal immunoglobulin levels and had not had excess infections in the
preceding years. Possibly congenital rubella may cause a heterogenous,
transient abnormality of immunoglobulin and antibody production. Best wishes.

Dr. Gareth Morgan

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