What can you do with a BS in Biology?

TGAco tgaco at aol.com
Sun Feb 15 20:22:29 EST 1998

Unlike some of the responses that I have read about not being able to have a
career after the "5 year ceiling" with a B.S. in Biology, I have seemed to
continue well after my first five years.  There are many areas in which one can
do well throughout their career with a B.S. in Biology.  Academic research,
environmental testing, industry, start-up biotech companies, where you may not
make a lot of cash to start, but generally they offer stock options which can
be a great benefit if the company does well.  Also, with a BS many individuals
can work their way up through a companies ranks, attaining a senoir position
after hard work.  The other individual who painted a very bleak picture for
your girlfreind was right about academia, however, PH.d.'s are much less
marketable in the biotech/pharmaceutical field than someone who has a BS, but
5-10 years of experience.  Tell your girlfriend to keep trying, especially in
biotech-rich areas like boston, Raleigh, NC, and parts of california.  Good

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