HIV NOT causing AIDS

Robert Sedaker rsedaker at inetconn.net
Thu Feb 19 02:09:34 EST 1998

I have been reading with great interest Dr Duesberg's book and would
welcome rebuttles from those who do not share his views.  In
particular,  I would like to know how such people would respond to
Duesberg's claim that HIV doesn't meet Koch's Postulates?  Also,  Why is
so little of the Antigen present when the T-cell count is on the wane?
Why isn't the Antibody to HIV bound hin higher concentrations in such
incidences?  What are the latest thoughts on seronegative AIDS patients
and seropositive People who never develope HIV?  Finally, why have the
epidemiological numbers not changed in the patient populations as
expected (ie why no "explosion" of heterosexual exposure patients as was
predicted-- which has been true of other bona-fide "epidemics" --
especially in STDs)

I think Duesberg has made some very solid observations.  Still I'm not
sure I sit well with a strictly toxocologically based theory either.....

I appreciate thoughtful dialog.


Robert Sedaker BS

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