Do You Think Medicine Extends Life or Not?

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Thu Feb 19 17:43:57 EST 1998

To any doctor or scientist who is arrogant and ignorant enough
to think that scientific medicine has extended life consider this;

Hunza is a country of eighteen thousand people in the Himalayas.
In this country it is not unusual for people to live to 100 and well
 beyond in very good health.

They are isolated in every sense of the word, they have no money, no
cars, no police, no army, no television, no radio, no drugs companies
they have.........practically no disease, they have no recorded cases
of cancer..........they do not have US there.

The population does not increase because they have in-built rules of 
abstention for two years after the birth of a child, culturally this
is normal for them.

" We are blessed with what I call innocence through ignorance"
( King Mir, Hunzakuts father figure speaking to Noel Barber, 
1967 BBC Women's Hour)

Barber says that the country has a priceless gift, the gift of serenity. 
They gain comfort from their religion, they are lively,  intelligent and
beautiful craftsmen.

So do you still think medicine has extended life span, wake up to
reality and stop kidding yourself !

Carol T
Feb 1998

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