help a friend in prognosis of an autoimmune-like disease

Hsiao, Ku-Chuan hsiaok at dgibt.com
Thu Feb 19 17:35:50 EST 1998

I need some help.  A friend of mine contracted an autoimmune-like
disease.  A reputable clinic treated her for a period of time and the
condition has worsened.  Perhaps some of you have some insight on what
she has and suggestions on the
>She was in Somalia as a missionary for about 4 years in the late 80s.  She
>was constantly tired after she returned to the US in '89.  In the early 90's,
>she began to loose her eye sight.  First in the right eye, then left.  She
>was checked and had an elevated IgG level. They put her on prednisone back in
'93, which
>caused the disease to intensify; as a result, she quickly
>lost her sight in her right eye.  By ate '94 she became totally blind.
>Chemotherapy (cytoxin) was suggested by the clinic after several years, but
she and her husband
>decided against it because last time immune suppression drugs did more harm
>than help.  Right now she is not on any medication.  Her condition is
>worsening daily and she is starting to loose other functions of her body:
>memory and mobility.  She no longer knows her husband's name but yet responds
>to him as she always did (I guess she recognizes him).  She can't talk
>anymore and her swallowing is starting to give her trouble.  She has lost a
>lot of weight and is slowly losing more of her muscle control.  Home health
>is coming daily to help get her washed and dressed and help her perform

I am open to any suggestions/comments.  Thank you in advance.

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