HIV NOT causing AIDS

George M. Carter gmc0 at ix.netcom.com
Thu Feb 19 10:25:01 EST 1998


Almost all of Duesberg's claims and assertions are based on invalid
data or have been soundly refuted. As a bare-bones beginning, you
could start with an excellent treatise available at the NIH site. I
can't find the address at the moment

George M. Carter

Robert Sedaker <rsedaker at inetconn.net> wrote:

>I have been reading with great interest Dr Duesberg's book and would
>welcome rebuttles from those who do not share his views.  In
>particular,  I would like to know how such people would respond to
>Duesberg's claim that HIV doesn't meet Koch's Postulates?  Also,  Why is
>so little of the Antigen present when the T-cell count is on the wane?
>Why isn't the Antibody to HIV bound hin higher concentrations in such
>incidences?  What are the latest thoughts on seronegative AIDS patients
>and seropositive People who never develope HIV?  Finally, why have the
>epidemiological numbers not changed in the patient populations as
>expected (ie why no "explosion" of heterosexual exposure patients as was
>predicted-- which has been true of other bona-fide "epidemics" --
>especially in STDs)

>I think Duesberg has made some very solid observations.  Still I'm not
>sure I sit well with a strictly toxocologically based theory either.....

>I appreciate thoughtful dialog.


>Robert Sedaker BS

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