Fri Feb 20 09:29:08 EST 1998

It is a misstatement that HIV does not fulfill Koch's postulates.  A 
more accurate statement is that we can't use HIV to fulfill these 
postulates.  Koch's third postulate states that the purified 
microorganism must be inoculated into a susceptible host and cause 
disease.  Since humans are the only species which develops clinical 
disease from HIV, we obviously can't perfrom the needed experiment.
HIV, of course, is not the only microorganism which fails to meet 
Koch's postulates for one reason or another.
With that said, however, the evidence for a causal link between HIV 
and AIDS is overwhelming.  In populations, you never see AIDS without 
first seeing the virus in the population.  You also never see the 
virus in the population without also seeing AIDS.  In animal models 
using similar viruses (SIV), the postulates have been fulfilled.
While there will always be anomalies in populations, Duesberg is 
virtually alone in his interpretations of these anomalies.

Jay MOne'

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