HIV NOT causing AIDS

George M. Carter gmc0 at ix.netcom.com
Sat Feb 21 14:13:19 EST 1998

mark <mark.haynes at mail.tju.edu> wrote:

>George i think you are wrong when you say that duesbergs claims have been 
>refuted--unless you mean someone spoke a refutation.

What? I have no idea what you mean. The fact is, Duesberg makes many
claims that are either flat wrong (evidence contradicts him) or are

Honey, you can believe whatever fantasy you like. I do not care. But
don't think I care UNTIL you have read the refutations (in writing
which exist). Then we can talk. Maybe.

And if you are having unprotected sex and trying to use Duesberg as a
justification--you take an extreme risk. If you are freaked out about
the possibility of being HIV+, this can be addressed at many levels
(physical, spiritual, emotional). 

Good luck.

		George M. Carter

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